CFA launches Clear Minds: a new mental health charity

Clear Financial Advice

5 November 2019

You may be aware that 10th October every year is designated as World Mental Health day – a day where health professionals, charities and the media shine a spotlight on mental health and encourage people to have conversations with friends, family members and colleagues about how they’re feeling. The aim is to raise awareness about mental health and wellbeing and help people who need support to come forward and start having a conversation about their issues and anxieties.

But for people experiencing mental health problems, every single day of the year can be a struggle. And for people with a deep-rooted psychological trauma, it can seem that there’s no way to move forward at all – life can seem very bleak.

Here at Clear Financial Advice, we wanted to do something to help people for whom professional, long-term counselling is out of reach for financial reasons. That’s why we’ve launched our charity: Clear Minds.

Clear Minds will help lift the financial burden from people who require long-term counselling support but can’t afford it. We specifically want to help those people with deep-rooted difficulties – often stemming from childhood or specific traumas – for whom the short-term counselling provided by the NHS is often not adequate. Each successful applicant to Clear Minds will receive funding for up to 20 counselling sessions with a qualified therapist.

Clear Minds’ Trustee Gayle-Anne Drury, herself a psychotherapist, will help to identify, vet and approve other qualified therapists. These approved therapists, operating initially in London, York, Leeds and Cornwall, will apply for funding on behalf of either existing or new clients. The charity’s goal in year one is to provide funding for 250 hours of therapy for the most urgent cases, and then double this to 500 hours in year two.

The whole team at Clear Financial Advice is fully behind Clear Minds and will be undertaking fundraising initiatives throughout the year to support the charity’s work.

If you’d like to donate, please visit the Clear Minds fundraising page –