Will 2016 be called “The Year of the Underdog?”

Clear Financial Advice

22 November 2016

Leicester winning the Football Premiership, not even the most ardent Leicester fan would have predicted that?

Against all the odds the referendum in the UK won by the Brexiters and Trump triumphant in the USA!

Whether you are happy with one or all of the outcomes of these competitions/elections/votes is not the point, the reason I mention this is to illustrate the difficulty in trying to predict the futures.

So we at Clear do not try to predict when we plan our client’s futures.

We organise clients affairs so we identify their aims and objectives over the medium to long term and ensure their portfolios are monitored regularly to keep within the risk profile we have agreed.

It’s the time in the market that’s important not the timing of the market!!

Barry Greening – Managing Director