Retirement Planning

You don’t need us to tell you that pensions and pension legislation can be extremely complex. Or that sound retirement planning can be essential for your long-term good health.

We are able to provide a clear and straightforward explanation of pension options and provisions. This is because we use the latest technology to assist in the analysis, review and valuations of different policies.

There are two main areas to focus on when making pension arrangements:

Planning pension provision

First and foremost, you need to ensure you have sufficient income to be able to enjoy your retirement. The following factors will need to be considered:

  • Income needed when you stop work
  • Age at which you wish to retire
  • Any provision for your spouse
  • How much control you want over investmentsBased on this, we will recommend a pension strategy to meet your individual requirements.If you already have pension arrangements in place, we will review these for you. This will include assessing the performance of the selected investment funds, determining whether your current contribution levels are sufficient, and calculating the overall charging structure. All of these factors will impact on the benefits available to you at retirement.

Options on retirement

Each individual’s circumstances are different, requiring a personalised approach to pension provision. The recent changes in pension legislation have also opened up the options available on retirement.

We will help you decide the most appropriate strategy for your particular needs.

Options to consider include:

  • Purchase of an annuity
  • Open-market option
  • Capped Drawdown
  • Flexible Drawdown