The Clear Approach to Investing

The good old saying that “Money can’t buy you happiness” is certainly true and there are, of course more important things in life.

However your personal finances can be a significant factor in helping you achieve what you want to achieve. That’s why we work with you and your family to help manage those finances that can support your life plans.

Whether it be retiring, helping your children financially, clearing out unwanted debt, simply buying nice things or going to wonderful places it is important that a plan is in place!

Objectives and goals can of course change over time, as circumstances change. However in order to financially plan we need to have an “end game” and it’s why we look at finding out key aspects about you before investing your money.

  • Your past experience and knowledge of investments

This will help us understand any pain felt from previous investments and are you scared from investing more money as a result?

Does your knowledge of the finance world mean that you may lack an understanding of certain financial products such as derivatives or structured products (Don’t worry if that’s a yes to those, most people don’t!)?

Therefore certain, more complex financial tools may not be suited.

  • How Long?

What is the time horizon and when is the likelihood that your goal could be achieved? Is it saving to retire and you’re 25, or are you saving for care in the later years?

Different investments fit with different objectives

  • How much risk can one take?

Each of us have different degrees of tolerance when it comes to every aspect of our lives and money is no different. Some like a gamble and some are afraid of losing a penny, so it is important that your risk is assessed at the beginning, as well as at any significant change in your circumstances or making an investment.

A certain ‘basket’ of investments will be different for one person than another based on the degree of risk there willing to take and investment “attitude”.

  • How would you feel if your investments fell in value?

When investments are made it is inevitable that they move up and down, some more than others and the important question is how does that makes you feel?

If your money falls 20% in a year, does it make you want to take it all out and stick it under the mattress!? Or are you more accepting that with a long term time horizon it should recover?

Making sure we agree helps us all feel comfortable at the level of investment risk you take going forward…

Your personal ‘Basket’

Once the more important issues in your life are understood we can then identify the correct range or ‘basket’ of investments for you.

There is a whirlwind of options out there now than say 30 years ago, when investing was perhaps much more simple to understand! Whether it was investing in a company (stock) directly, lending to a company or Government for a fixed interest rate (Bond) or just buying a property, life seemed to be a lot more straightforward.

Although these options are still a core part of investing, there are now “added extras” thrown into the mix, such as Futures, Derivatives, CFD swaps, Shorting, REIT’s, Hedge….still with us?

Given the complexity of it all, it is our belief that you should leave it with the experts and discuss the best ‘basket’ for you.

To put it another way – if your boiler stopped working, and you suddenly find yourself looking at the 200 pipes and trying to fix the problem yourself, there is a small chance that it could all explode! Most people would make a quick call to a professional rather than run the risk of that happening, and we believe that investing is no different.


Once we are all clear on the journey for you, it is important to make sure we keep on that road! Things happen in everyone’s life that can knock us of course – a change of jobs, children, weddings, ill-health etc. and so it is important that your life and investments are “monitored” on a regular basis.

These events can have a significant effect, not only on us emotionally, but also financially and may put at risk your plans for the future. So what must be agreed at outset is the regularity in which we sit down and review your situation.

The Clear Approach to Investing…