Employee Benefits & Auto Enrolment

A Clear strategy to Auto Enrolment…

At Clear Financial Advice our key role in the coming years is to help businesses, and indeed our clients through the administrative tasks of setting up a suitable workplace pension scheme.

All businesses will need to comply with Government regulation that came into force, in which you will need to have a compliant pension scheme in place for you and your employees.

In our experience this can be extremely challenging for all, whether you have employees of 1 or 100 and we can provide a number of strategies tailored to suit your needs and provide initial implementation of a pension scheme right through to a fully tailored service which we will support and administer ongoing.

Our services are Clear, but are not set in stone and we will always tailor a service that is suited to you, as we are fully aware that no business is the same. Therefore we believe that it is essential that we discuss all options in detail prior to any scheme being set up to ensure that it is most suited to your needs.

Your main duties as an employer…

You could be forgiven for thinking the costs of auto enrolment are simply the pension contributions you have to pay. Unfortunately, that isn’t the end of the story. There are other indirect administrative costs. It means you need to set up new processes and maintain additional records. Clear Financial can help…

Here’s an overview of your initial duties as an employer:

  • Categorise your workers – You may think everyone should be included in auto enrolment, but it’s not that simple. You will need to find out who is and who isn’t.
  • Communications – There are a number of different communications you need to send to different categories of worker at different points in time. There are pension providers that will do this for you…
  • Ongoing administration – There will need to be a person/team administering the pension scheme ongoing, changing employee details and contribution levels but there are various tools and resources that can do this for you.

Through our experience and expertise in supporting businesses and their owners for over 25 years we have put together some simple strategies to help.

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