Economic Recovery Continues at End Of 2020

5 February 2021

Economic Recovery Continues at End Of 2020

Reports from investment bank JP Morgan & the Purchase Managers Index (PMI) have shown that the rate of global economic expansion remained consistent throughout the end of 2020. December’s saw a slight slump in comparison to November’s output across the manufacturing and services sector and sharp falls in business activity continued into January. Despite these falls’ vaccine rollouts have helped up lift business optimism to its highest levels since that of May 2014.

Sustainability and Deeper Connections to Stakeholders Continues to Prove A Positive Driver for Better Returns

It is clear that being connected with stakeholders and establishing trust whilst acting with purpose is central to enabling a company to understand the changes that are happening in the world. Investment firm BlackRock highlights this, stating firms should do more to consider all stakeholders when making key decisions.

UK GDP growth rates set to surpass the US in 2021

In reports published by the International Monetary Fund, figures show the UK economy contracted by 10% in 2020 (the largest fall of any other G7 nation). The reports however also forecast that UK GDP will bounce back and exceed that of the rate of the US and other nations within the G7.