Currency Exchange

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4 October 2014

People become aware of exchange rates when they are going on holiday and are guided by the published tourist rates. However, far better rates can be achieved via various companies who buy and sell currency in bulk. Obviously these companies are not for exchanging small amounts of money for holidays, however, if you are looking to send cash overseas for purchasing a property for example then the service they offer is invaluable. Rates they offer will usually be a few points higher than the published tourist rates, this can make an enormous difference regards the purchase price of a property. The other benefit is that the process is very simple and there is not cost to you.

We at Clear now have two companies featured on our web site which offers this service, this gives you the opportunity to contact them both if you wish and then decide upon the one you wish to use, remember if you are looking at a property or investment in Euro’s for example, check the rates it may make a big difference to your decision.